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  • "Y'all gotta reach the point where you understand that your sex life can be MORE than WATCHING STRANGERS FUCK. Take charge of this life you've been given. You can do it because you're fucking awesome. Keep fighting!"
  • "100 days today. It can be done, my friends."
  • "Just had a great workout. Rock hard muscles definitely feels a lot better than a rock hard dick itching to be stroked. Feed the right beast, starve the evil one!"
  • "day 100. Hopeful that I will successfully continue. I am NOT a god as this app titles this level, but I am greatful ti God for his grace and getting me this far."
  • "I hate porn so much!!!"
  • "In times where you feel like you have no reason to resist anymore and you think your urges will win, you need to GET UP AND DISTRACT YOURSELF. Do something useful and you WILL succeed. YOU ARE YOUR OWN MASTER."
  • "daily wisdom #278 make smaller, more achievable goals.. the feeling of success will drive you to greater, more challenging goals. Fight to be better than yourself, no one else. It's about Progress, not perfection"